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Registered Organizations

Registered Organizations

CMB: Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB) is the regulatory authority in charge of the securities markets of Turkey. The CMB has been making detailed regulations for organizing the markets and developing capital market instruments and institutions for the past nineteen years in Turkey.

Basic mission of the Board;

• Performing supervision with the aim of ensuring fairness, efficiency and transparency in Turkish capital markets, • Providing protection for rights and benefits of savers, namely investors.

ISE: Istanbul Stock Exchange, established on the 26th of December 1985 started its activities on the 3rd of January 1986 for trading securities with confidence and consistent. The ISE has contributed to the development of Turkish Capital Markets and Turkey’s economy since its establishment.

The General board of the ISE is the supreme decision-making body in the stock exchange. The ISE board of directors have 7 members: an executive board and 6 members. The ISE could carry out its own legal regulation on subjects and fields that are under self-authority.

TSPAKB; The Association of Capital Market Intermediary Institutions of Turkey has been established according to the Capital Market Law as a public establishment to act as a self-regulatory organization in the Turkish capital markets sınce the 11th of February 2001. The association became operational in April 2001.

All intermediaries and banks which have the authority licences are accepted as members of the association. The Association has currently 142 members: 101 brokerage firms, 1 derivatives brokerage firm and 41 banks.

Settlement and Clearing Bank Inc.: In 1992, settlement and clearing duty had been handed over to a company called ISE Settlement and Clearing Company Inc, which was established with the partnership of ISE and its members. This company was transformed to a sector-specific investment bank named as ISE Settlement and Clearing INC., with the Resolution of Council of Ministers no. 95/6551 published in the Official Gazette dated March 23, 1995. As of 1996, Settlement and Custody Bank Inc. is engaged in specialized banking services for capital markets in accordance with the provisions of related legislation

TURKDEX : In accordance with the 40th article of Capital Market Law no.2499,TURKDEX is the first private stock exchange in Turkey ,established on the Cabinet’s resolution no.2001/3025 which has been officially declared publically on the Official commercial registry gazette, dated October 19th 2001, following the resolution of the Ministry of State no.2381, dated September 3rd 2001 on the basis of approval statement no.9/1101 of Capital Markets Board of Turkey, dated August 17th 2001.

CRA: In our country Clearing of securities are physically carried out by Takasbank since 2005.

For more information about Takas bank please visit https://www.takasbank.com.tr/en/Pages/MainPage.aspx